Best Comedy-Drama - Always A Bridesmaid

  Best Drama -breakage

​  Best Comedy Pilot - Crime Detectives

  Best Trailer - Hunter 1

  Best Existential Comedy - The Easter Hare

  Best Comedy Short - The Package

  Best Fantasy Drama - Thornbird

  Best Thriller Short - Things That Go Thump

  Best Thriller - ​Spree

  Best Animated Short - Save The Bees

  Best Web Series Pilot - The Incredible Cases of Zara Gordon

  Best Documentary - F Is For Fear

  Best Foreign Drama - The Dolphin Skin City

  Best Foreign Comedy - Mousse

  Best Horror-Comedy - The Survivors

  Grand Jury Prize Student Film - The Butcher

  Grand Jury Prize Suspense -Knock Knock

  Grand Jury Prize Comedy - Bergeron Brothers-Wedding Videographers

​  Grand Jury Prize Drama - Gala


Washy Award Winers